Type in Hindi in any app in your Android phone

WhatsApp is the medium of people for sending quick and short messages today. Billions of messages are exchanged every minute or so across the world using messageing apps. But their language is not usually English (but script is - roman)! Most people don't know that with simple steps they can send their messages using their own mother tongue without installing any additional app on your phone.

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Type in Hindi in any application in your PC

With spread of internet, now anyone can easily chat with their dear ones. The internet allows you to send your messages in a moments notice. But often the messages you send are not that meaningful, unless they are in their original script. They often get mis-interpreted and have to be said again. This problem can be avoided if you can type in your original script.

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Convert SSL Certificates from PFX to PEM Format

In this article, we will discuss about converting certificates obtained in PFX format (using a third-party SSL Signing authority or by an ACME client for free Lets Encrypt Certificates) and even Wildcard LE Certificates into format that you can use in your web server for deployment. This process applies both to a fresh acquisition of certificate and even renewal of your SSL certificate.

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Letsencrypt SSL Certificates

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Everyone having a website knows about the benefits of having a HTTPS enabled website. And the recent changes in modern browsers warning users about non-HTTPS sites makes the need of getting a certificate for website even more urgent. And certificates for making it happen are often a costly affair - ranging from a few bucks to thousands. But there are solutions that allow doing this for free. Each one has its own purpose, limitations and benefits.

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