Extend Macbook display to Android TV

Easily use TV as a second display to extend or duplicate your macbook display

Smart TVs are the latest in trend that are gaining popularity very fast. They come in all types (based on OS they have) - Tizen, Apple TV OS, Android TV OS, Fire TV OS and even custom linux flavors. Extending entertainment beyond DTH operators, they allow you to stream media and even cast them from your other devices.

But when it comes to Apple devices, they tend to keep the interoperability between themselves. They don't seem happy pairing correctly with other OS.

Some TVs have implemented this solution by having the AirPlay built into them like the LG TVs and Samsung TVs.

Android TVs don't have any inbuilt support for AirPlay (except for music-only option in a few cases). So, if you have an iPhone or a MacBook, you are limited in ways to watch your media on your brand new TV.

To watch content from your Apple devices on your Android TV, you can install AirReceiver by felix.long

AirReceiver by felix.long

Simply open up play store and search for AirReceiver. You will also see another option here: AirReceiver Lite. I'd recommend to first try using this app to see if everything works fine.

AirReceiver Lite by felix.long

Install the app and open up the app. You should see a similar interface:

AirReceiver Interface

Make sure that AirPlay is ticked and then connect your Apple device to the same WiFi that the TV is connected to.

You should see the name of your TV in the AirPlay list.

To extend the screen of your MacBook, open System Preferences and choose Displays.

Now, on the bottom you should see an option to choose AirPlay Display (by default it should be Off). When you will open the select box, you will see the name of your TV in the list:

Choose AirPlay Display

When you will select your TV from the list, the screen will refresh and now you will be able to see the display of your Macbook in your TV.

By default, the behaviour is to duplicate the screen, if you want to use the TV as a second monitor, you can choose your TV as second display as well.

Select the Arrangement tab and untick the checkbox shown below that says Mirror Displays:

Mirror/Extend Displays

Now, you can drag and reorder the screens to arrange as per your wish.

So, here is the result:

Extended Display

Now, enjoy your movies or just use your TV as extended display!